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The Best Dressed of the Week

Minimalism has always been omnipresent throughout fashion, but this season encourages simpler designs that truly represent “less is more.” The right ensemble could be hiding in your wardrobe, whether it’s a green Tulle skirt that you never thought you’d wear again, or a baggy cream sweater. We’ve gathered our top picks from Instagram that will help inspire you; reach into your wardrobe and transform the way you look.


Hannah Neese


Photo credit: Hannah Neese @hannah_neese

Denim skirts have definitely bounced back into fashion after their infamous stint in the early 2000s; back with an alternative vibe. One thing we learned from the noughties is to keep it simple on top. Don’t ruin your outfit with too many patterned material, stick to a striped tee. Anyone can pull this look off, which makes it an ever-favourite in our eyes.




Collage Bell-Sleeve Shirt


Photo credit: @Meryldenis

Smarten up your denim look with a beautiful khaki trench coat and a white, pure cotton poplin tie sleeve shirt.  The shirt has big knots on the forearms, which adds a little touch of originality to the bell-sleeve shirt trend. Whether it’s used to create a chic office look with a black, pencil skirt, or paired with jeans to achieve a more casual look. Marks and Spencer offer meticulous attention to detail with their “Earth” collection.

Alternatively, you can find an off-the-shoulder pinstripe, bell-sleeved blouse at Unique21




Photo credit: Garuba Khadijah Abiola @dimplekhad

Unreliable weather can make it difficult to pick an outfit; do I go for shorts or jeans? Try the Culotte Jumpsuit as a compromise. Below-the-knew, it is the perfect length between a jumpsuit and playsuit.

Check out our black alternative at Unique21




Photo credit: Alina Ceusan @alinaceusan

Take a cue from Cara Delevingne this Summer; buy an over-sized blazer to make a statement. This neo-traditional look turns heads, without needing to wear layers of clashing patterns. A sophisticated look if worn correctly, and a modern twist on a traditionally masculine jacket.

Black Blazer, RRP: £40.00. Unique21.


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