Affiliate Program

We are constantly on the lookout for partnerships with people who we believe can best represent our brand, and in exchange we want to help you bring unique and exciting content to your audience.

We will work closely with collaborators to produce high quality content which includes products chosen by you.

Join us and become our style ambassadors!

You will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to collaborate with one of UK’s most up and coming brands;
  • Being part of the success journey at UNIQUE21, and creating exciting content for your audience; and
  • Having the chance to launch your own range filled with sophisticated, sexy outfits.

Benefits of joining the programme could also include:

  • Receive products/vouchers from our newest collections;
  • Exclusive partnership opportunities with UNIQUE21;.
  • Photoshoots & opportunities to create exciting digital content together;
  • Gift boxes with our favourite products at Christmas;
  • Attend UNIQUE21’s exclusive events; and
  • Financial benefits to boost your income.


  1. Join the affiliate program
  2. Set up affiliate links
  3. Drive targeted traffic to the website
  4. Generate sales and get rewarded with commission on every sale!

Join our Influencer Affiliate Program, please send your details to:, and have the opportunity to launch your own collection with UNIQUE21.


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